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Tobe's Vertical Adventure Download PC Game [UPDATED]

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Tobe's Vertical Adventure Download PC Game

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Classic style platform adventures are popular once again thanks to titles like Tobe's Vertical Adventure. This great game doesn't use the latest graphics, but it offers a playability that is beyond any doubt.

Like many indie platformers, Tobe's Vertical Adventure sticks to a minimalist story, similar to what one would see in an older platformer. Tobe, a lazy gamer, is dragged along by his friend, Nana, to go off on an adventure to find the lost treasure of King Garuza. That's about it. Every world you go to ends with a "your princess is in another castle"-style cutscene, after which you just head on to the next level.

But what you really come to this game for is the gameplay. Each level has a bunch of gems and a few animals littered around, and your goal is to collect them and then get to the treasure at the bottom of the level. After you collect the treasure, you get a set amount of time to climb back up to the top of the level, lest you be caught in the collapsing ruins. Collecting animals and gems unlock extra lives per level, larger item inventories, and codes to download the soundtrack and concept art from the game's website.

Tobe's Vertical Adventure pays homage to its old-school roots in its style; the in-game graphics are all well-done pixel art, and the soundtrack is very much in the style of old Genesis platformers like Ristar. Honestly, I found the soundtrack so enjoyable that I went through the game and got all of the gems so that I could download the soundtrack from the site. The Frozen Cavern theme is especially lovely. 041b061a72


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