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Eugene Rybakov
Eugene Rybakov

Half-Life Alyx Highly Compressed PC Game Free

We did a lot of work on the AI of our workhorse combat enemy, the Combine Soldier, and one of the observations we had early on was that players simultaneously take far longer in combat to do stuff yet find it much more stressful and overwhelming. And so that sort of attention, or budget, that we had for a Combine Soldier was significantly expanded in this compared to Half-Life 2. We would often think that any given soldier had about 10 or 15 seconds to live once they engage the player, and it's hard to really expand. You have such a short time window there, and they have those 10-15 seconds and we're going to spend three or four of it just being shot by the player. It's hard to really build interesting behaviour or performance in that because it's such a compressed time-frame. In this game, we would find soldiers lasting over a minute or two times in fights. At the end of the fight, players would come out and be like 'oh my god that was stressful'. The shift in the way that time moves from the players perception in VR, even the time it takes to reload your gun - it's far longer but it's not it's not boring, right?

Half-Life Alyx Highly Compressed PC Game



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