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Buy Property In Turkey Antalya

Foreigners may purchase land and property in Turkey in their own names provided that properties are located in towns (i.e. there must be municipality in the area where the property is and the property must be situated within the boundaries of that municipality or borough), not in villages or rural areas and outside of military zones.

buy property in turkey antalya

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In order to acquire the title of a property, an application has to be submitted to the local Land Registry Office in which the property is situated. After carrying out necessary searches and checks for the abovementioned requirements, the transfer of the title is done by the Land Registry Office. During the transaction, the proofs or the documents concerning the transfer of the full purchase price into Turkey must be presented to the Land Registry Office. Also a one per cent duty (i.e. tax) both for the purchaser and seller is due and collected during the transaction (note: this is now 1.5%). There exists an annual property tax, collected by the municipalities (i.e. local governments) at the rate of 0.3 per cent for private buildings. The newly built properties are exempt from the annual property tax for 5 years. All properties are subject to revaluation for every five years for tax purposes. The acquired property may be resold or rented out and the proceeds may be transferred out of Turkey. Different regulations apply when a property is purchased for business related purposes.

Turkey is becoming a popular holiday destination with its immense unspoilt coastline and Mediterranean climate which offers all-year-round sunshine. Buying property in Turkey is now seen as a good future investment considering the fact that Turkey is on the verge of becoming a member of the EU and has one of the fastest growing emerging markets in the world.

Here is the essential but general information regarding the path to ownership of a property in Turkey according to Turkish Laws (article 35 of the Turkish Constitution) and which problems might arise during the process. Different properties are subject to differing laws (depending on location). Because the following is general information only, we encourage you to consult an expert or visit our company in Turkey, Kalkan Property Services. We specialize in real estate in addition to architectual projects and construction. By doing so you can avoid the possibility of heartbreaking disappointment (i.e. when you learn that due to unseen regulations, your dream of a summer house on your purchased land can only be that, a dream). Buying property in Turkey can be a complex matter and knowledgeable, professional service is required.

The ownership regulations are elaborated in the Turkish Civil Code, article 633. This mainly explains how ownership is acquired. For the purchase of property by a foreign person, the registration of the land is especially important. In Turkey there are regional directorates of the Land Registry Department, which are subdivided in provincial or district offices and they are all controlled by the state.

In contrast to this, the entry in the property register in Turkey is not performed by a public notary, but by an official of the Property Registry Department. It is legally compulsory for both sides (the seller and the buyer) to be present at the entry. It is possible to authorise another person to do so but the authorisation requires a notorial deed. As a security measure, it is also advisable to authorize the sale through an official notary.

Mainly there are no legal restrictions against foreigners regarding the acquisition of property ownership. However, the Village Act and the Military Prohibited and Security Areas play an important role; Article 87 of the Village Act denies the right to foreigners to ownership of property that is outside the centre of a village in case the cadastral division of this area had not been arranged yet or it may belong to the Ministry of Forest. Also, the act regarding Military Prohibited and Security Areas can be an impediment and therefore restrict the acquisition of property by foreigners if the property is located within a particular distance of military sites or strategically important areas.

The zoning schemes, the antecedents of the selling party and the legal restrictions imposed by Turkish property legislation are some important aspects that must be approached objectively, reliably and professionally.

Mavi Real Estate and Property Services offers you valuable assistance and allows you to have an objective and thorough investigation carried out regarding the property in which you are interested. Our well-educated staff are happy to help you. So please do not hesitate to contact us either through email or fax or in person for any additional information.

Non-residents are taxed in Turkey on income arising from Turkish sources only and are liable to a number of other property related taxes outlined below. The tax year in Turkey is the calendar year and an individual is considered resident in Turkey if s/he spends 183 days or more in any tax year in Turkey.

There is an agreement between The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and The Republic of Turkey for the avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evasion with respect to taxes on income and capital gains. But at present, Ireland and Turkey have not signed a Dual Taxation agreement but one is expected in near future. This will impact the tax implications on income received from Turkish property.

The VAT rate in Turkey on the sale of property is 18%. But sales of houses which are below 150 meter square in net area, are subject to 1% VAT. If an immovable is owned by a company in Turkey, than selling this immovable after having held for 730 days (2 full years) might not be subject to VAT and corporate tax. This exemption also depends on some other conditions.

In accordance with the amendment made to the Turkish Citizenship Law published in the Official Gazette on 07.12.2018, a new convenience provided for foreigners who want to become Turkish citizens. Foreigners who want to buy an under construction property may also obtain Turkish citizenship, after the regulating contract from the notary for the property sale and committing to buy a property worth of 250.000 USD.

Title deed and the appraisal report was mandatory to obtain a Turkish Citizenship. When customers want to buy a property from an under construction project, they were losing the chance of getting citizenship because the real value of the property is not the value declared in appraisal report as the project is not completed. Now, this rule has been removed with the new regulation. The notarized property purchase commitment is enough when buying a property from the project under construction.

On 07.12.2018, new chapter added to the regulation provides new easiness to those who want to obtain to Turkish citizenship. Foreigners who regulate contract from the notary for the property sale and commit to buy a property worth of 250.000 USD, may get Turkish Citizenship. The notarized contract pledging that property sale is made by cash payment and the committed that the contract will not be transferred or abandoned for three years is enough. Moreover, foreigners who buy a property from unfinished or off-plan projects may also apply for citizenship.

The new law amends title deed laws and changes the previous reciprocity requirement, which dictated that the citizens of 89 countries did not have the right to own property in Turkey because Turkish nationals are not entitled to own property those countries. Among these countries were Russia, the Gulf States and the Turkic republics of Central Asia.

The property contents (furniture, all white goods, kitchen goods, linens, curtains etc.) featured in the images on our website may/may not be included in the property prices. Contents included in the sale must be confirmed by the seller(s) through Mavi Real Estate and Property Services directly and/or through subagents of Mavi Real Estate and Property Services.

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