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Good Pizza, Great Pizza: How to Compete with Your Rival and Win Over Customers

Info about running a business, fulfilling orders, customer service. There's a cost for every ingredient, which illustrates value of money, provides subtraction practice; earning money from pizza sales lets kids practice addition. Kids also learn to perform actions in sequential order, hone time management skills. Interactions with customers provide reading practice; not having each character verbally say what's written is a missed opportunity that could have helped younger kids strengthen their word recognition, reading abilities.

Parents need to know that Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a business simulator where you make and serve pizza to customers. The game won't expose kids to inappropriate content; it's a solo-player game, and they can't chat or email other people through the app. They can choose to watch commercials periodically to earn tips or spend real money for in-game currency, but the app doesn't throw a lot of random ads at kids as they play.

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Players may enjoy putting together orders -- for a little while -- in this store management-based game, but it quickly becomes very repetitive. In Good Pizza, Great Pizza, customers order at the counter, and then players get to choose how much of each requested topping gets put on each pie. Players move pizzas through the process until they're boxed up and handed over, all the while watching a running tally of what ingredient use is costing them. The monetary aspect of the game is a nice touch; players not only watch spending and earning happen in real time, they also see a breakdown at the end of the day of overhead costs and how they relate to the pizzeria's profit. The app also provides tips to help players use ingredients wisely.

But the actual gameplay is pretty repetitive. Customers' orders get slightly more complex each day, but you're still moving through the same sauce-cheese-topping, bake-then-slice assembly line, which can get kind of boring. Also, there doesn't seem to be any real reward for getting orders right: Customers don't always appear to notice if you don't. Aside from putting pizzas together, and occasional updates from the Pizza News Network, there isn't much else to do. As a result, you might play Good Pizza, Great Pizza for a while, but the game can quickly become stale.

Ever wanted to know what it feels like to run your own Pizza shop? Do your best to fulfill pizza orders from customers while making enough money to keep your shop open in this fun cooking game. Upgrade your shop with new toppings and equipment to compete against your pizza rival, Alicante!

Some ingredients are categorized differently between different countries even between different circumstances. In game for now bell pepper is categorized as fruit. There also is a guide in the settings menu with perfect pizza samples that might help.

The game is separated up by days and each day you face a countdown timer of how much time you have to take and fill orders. Each customer also has a happiness meter that is based upon how fast they receive their order and how pleased they are with the pizza that you made them.

Once you have more toppings, that is when strategy starts to become important. You may need to get a little more sloppy slapping down toppings or use less ingredients. Are you comfortable making two pizzas at once or is it better for you to make just one at a time?

There are also special characters, such as kids, homeless people, or people who are short on change and you can choose whether or not you make them a pizza but if they do not pay or pay full price, it really eats into your profits. It can also play in your favor though in the form of repeat customers or them coming back in and giving you a lot more money as a way to thank you.

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Another big part of the game is customization. You can customize your signs, walls, floors, tables, decorations, and pizza boxes. There are so many options to choose from so you can really make your pizza shop your own. I am personally a crazy cat lady so I have a cat open sign and paw-print wallpaper!

As a foodie, Lai began thinking of a food-based game to produce. He considered cake and donuts but wanted to choose a food that was more universal. While brainstorming with his brothers in Queens, NY, they noticed that people from every culture gravitated toward pizza. TapBlaze then went on to create My Pizza Shop (Android iOS) and My Pizza Shop 2 (iOS) before landing on Good Pizza, Great Pizza (Android iOS).

Do your best to fulfill pizza orders from customers while making enough money to keep your restaurant open. Upgrade your restaurant with new toppings, decor and kitchen equipment to compete against your pizza rival!

The upgrades will include tables so that the customer spawn rate is boosted, having longer days so that you can make more pizzas, slowing the happy meter so that you have more time to make each pizza, having a handy toppings guide always who up so that you can make each pizza the best it can be, and even a speedy oven that will cook pizzas faster! The speedy oven is going to be the most expensive upgrade, but it will probably be the one that make the biggest difference in the long run.

Every now and then you might also need to spend some money on making repairs so that your business can remain in the best shape it can be, so be sure to always keep this in mind! Oh, and you can also purchase new decorations for your establishment. Some of them will require that you spend money, while others will ask that you exchange the coins you earn from your performance. Decorations are split into items such as neon signs, a gumball machine, a jukebox, a T.V., arcade machines, or a variety of plants. You can also decorate with posters, change the patterns of the walls or the walls, or spend money or coins on pizza boxes with new colors or designs.

You will soon get a MyPad, which will allow you to take on quests as well as complete achievements so that you can get some extra money or coins. A quest could be something as simple as serving 12 of any type of pizza, and you should always take on every quest that you get so that you can earn some extra money. Achievements will reward you with extra coins, and will include objectives such as earning $50, getting no refunds for a day, keeping all customers happy for a day, unlocking three upgrades, or playing the game for three days in a row, to name some examples.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a fun and colorful pizza making sim experience on Nintendo Switch that you should check out. The game can be played at your own pace, since as you unlock more ingredients orders will start to get a bit more complicated. As you get more ingredients, you should also make a habit of asking customers at least once about what it is that they want for their pizza, just to make sure you avoid getting any refunds. Good Pizza, Great Pizza is out on Nintendo Switch with a $9.99 asking price.

We all love ordering and eating our favorite pizza, but does everybody have what it takes to run an entire pizza business by themselves? Do you think you have what it takes? You can find out in Good Pizza, Great Pizza!


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