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Howl's Moving Castle English Dub & Sub: Where to Find and Download It

While not confirmed, the director of animation to be used by Jim Cameron's movie adaptation of Howl's Moving Castle has been confirmed by Weta Workshop and Ghibli to be Graham Annable. Don't expect this one to turn out like the upcoming live-action version of Bolt.

download howl's moving castle english 21


An April Fools' entry, three of the Howl's Moving Castle's monsters (made from wood in a manner that has not yet been defined) from the movie have made an appearance for the April Fools' 2013 celebration at Weta Workshop. None of these are official yet so they may or may not be used in the movie.

Due to director Jim Cameron's interest in making a live-action movie adaptation of Howl's Moving Castle, we have an idea of what the final trailer for this movie may look like. As reported by Cathryn Hockenberry of the, the trailer will likely contain clips from the book itself rather than showing the movie itself. When confronted with this however, Cameron stated that he would love to use clips of the movie itself. This trailer may also include images from the official soundtrack CD release of the film.

Speaking of the upcoming American filmHowl's Moving Castle,"Legendary is one of the partners that is our second funder. We had a really great experience with them on Grave of the Fireflies, as we know them from when we premiered our first feature film which was Ponyo. So we are really thrilled to be working with them and bringing this to the U.S. market. The filmmakers have been going all over the place to make the American version of the film the best version of the film it can be. So we are really excited.


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