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The Ultimate Guide to I Am Legend 2 Online Sa Prevodom - Plot, Cast, Release Date, and More

In March 2012, when Legend of the Guardians 2 was announced, there was mixed reaction. The first Legends was a tonal misfire. Both the humor and adventure of the first film were missing. Furthermore, the original film's opening and closing credit sequences were cartoonish and dull. However, there was an influx of talented new voices behind the franchise. Directors Breck Eisner and Pete Sohn were able to add a great deal of heart and wit to their first full-length feature. Though they had less creative control than the producers of The Hobbit, the duo gave the film more of an immersive world. The prologue moved away from fantasy and began a more realistic story full of spectacular locations, action, and humour. The cast gained a ton of new fans with their performances. As only Dean Parisot could, Ching Vo consistently found new avenues to explore the characters, while Peter Capaldi was able to be funny and sarcastic in an absolutely hysterical manner. The entire franchise was re-energized, and it's very clear that the filmmakers were simply doing what they did best: making great movies. In addition, all of the creative teams are still working together, so you can expect further films to come.

i am legend 2 online sa prevodom

After the success of the first Legend of the Guardians, we were all eager to see what Pitch Perfect director Elizabeth Banks would bring to the table. An animated offering based on the hit Disney Channel show, Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole will hit theaters in 2016. Walt Disney Studios has announced that the project, which is based on the popular story of three owls who must save their forest from a ruthless wizard, will feature new characters and a new tale.


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