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Club International UK Vol 27 No 06 June 1998 ##BEST##

The album spawned four singles, all of which saw commercial success. Its lead single "Spice Up Your Life" became an international success, peaking in the top five positions in many countries. It was followed by the singles "Too Much", "Stop", and "Viva Forever", all of which attained commercial success on the charts. To promote the album, the Spice Girls embarked on their debut headlining concert tour, titled the Spiceworld Tour, covering Europe and North America for a total of 97 dates between February and September 1998. This is the last studio album with member Geri Halliwell who left during the tour, but came back in 2007.

Club International UK Vol 27 No 06 June 1998

Walmart celebrates its first $1 billion sales week.1994Walmart expands into Canada with the purchase of 122 Woolco stores.1996Walmart opens its first stores in China. 1997The company celebrates its first $100 billion sales year.1998The Neighborhood Market format is introduced with three stores in Arkansas.Walmart enters the United Kingdom with the acquisition of Asda. A group of associates cheer as Walmart goes international.

The attack on Shifa may be evaluated on a number of criteria that are beyond the scope of this study, including its efficacy as a counterterrorism measure; effectiveness as a counter-proliferation initiative; impact on U.S. relations with Arab, Muslim, and African states and peoples; congruence with international law; impact on Sudanese and American national politics; and health and humanitarian consequences. This report, however, concerns the possibility of CW acquisition by the Sudan. It examines allegations and evidence available in unclassified sources regarding the acquisition and development of CW in the country, focusing on the Shifa facility. Because some details of the U.S. rationale for the cruise missile strike and U.S. allegations regarding CW in the Sudan have evolved substantially since the attack, this study addresses both the initial rationale and subsequent modifications of the U.S. position. Although the official positions of the Sudan are noted below, the author presumes that its government is not a reliable source of information.3 Hence every effort has been made to rely on sources that are independent or critical of the NIF regime. This study incorporates material published up to October 15, 1998.

Sudan’s request won support from the Arab League, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the Group of Arab States of the United Nations, the Non-Aligned Movement, the Intergovernmental Authority of Development, and the Organization of African Unity.171 These international organizations represent nearly every state in Africa and the Middle East—including several allied with the United States and some with antagonistic relations with the Sudan—as well as scores of states in the developing world outside these regions. The Security Council first considered the question briefly on August 24, 1998, but took no action.172 041b061a72


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