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She said, It hath reached me, O auspicious King, that when Budur had writtenthe missive, she sealed it and gave it to me; and I said, 'O my lady, in goodsooth this thy letter will make the sick man whole and ease the thirstingsoul.' Then I took it and went from her, when she called me back and said tome, 'O son of Mansur, say to him: 'She will be thy guest this night.' At this Ijoyed with exceeding great joy and carried the letter to Jubayr, whom I foundwith his eyes fixed intently on the door, expecting the reply and as soon as Igave him the letter and he opened and read it and understood it, he uttered agreat cry and fell down in a fainting fit. When he came to himself, he said tome, 'O Ibn Mansur, did she indeed write this note with her hand and feel itwith her fingers?' Answered I, 'O my lord, do folk write with their feet?' Andby Allah, O Commander of the Faithful, I had not done speaking these words,when we heard the tinkle-tinkle of her anklets in the vestibule and sheentered. And seeing her he sprang to his feet as though nothing pained or ailedhim and embraced her like the letter L embraceth the letter A;[FN#345] and theinfirmity, that erst would not depart at once left him.[FN#346] Then he satdown, but she abode standing and I said to her, 'O my lady, why dost thou notsit?' Said she, 'O Ibn Mansur, save on a condition that is between us, I willnot sit.' I asked, 'And what is that?'; and she answered, 'None may knowlovers' secrets,' and putting her mouth to Jubayr's ear whispered to him; whereupon he replied, 'I hear and I obey.' Then he rose and said somewhat in awhisper to one of his slaves, who went out and returned in a little while witha Kazi and two witnesses. Thereupon Jubayr stood up and taking a bag containingan hundred thousand dinars, said, O Kazi, marry me to this young lady and writethis sum to her marriage-settlement.' Quoth the Kazi to her, 'Say thou, Iconsent to this.' 'I consent to this,' quoth she, whereupon he drew up thecontract of marriage and she opened the bag; and, taking out a handful of gold,gave it to the Kazi and the witnesses and handed the rest to Jubayr. Thereuponthe Kazi and the witnesses withdrew, and I sat with them, in mirth andmerriment, till the most part of the night was past, when I said in my mind,'These are lovers and they have been this long while separated. I will nowarise and go sleep in some place afar from them and leave them to theirprivacy, one with other.' So I rose, but she caught hold of my skirts, saying,'What thinkest thou to do?' 'Nothing but so and so,' answered I; upon which sherejoined, 'Sit thee down; and when we would be rid of thee, we will send theeaway.' So I sat down with them till near daybreak, when she said to me, 'O IbnMansur, go to yonder chamber; for we have furnished it for thee and it is thysleeping-place.' Thereupon I arose and went thither and slept till morning,when a page brought me basin and ewer, and I made the ablution and prayed thedawn-prayer. Then I sat down and presently, behold, Jubayr and his beloved cameout of the bath in the house, and I saw them both wringing their locks.[FN#347]So I wished them good morning and gave them joy of their safety and reunion,saying to Jubayr, 'That which began with constraint and conditions hath endedin cordial-contentment.' He answered, 'Thou sayest well, and indeed thoudeservest thy honorarium;' and he called his treasurer, and said, 'Bring hitherthree thousand dinars.' So he brought a purse containing the gold pieces andJubayr gave it to me, saying, 'Favour us by accepting this.' But I replied, 'Iwill not accept it till thou tell me the manner of the transfer of love fromher to thee, after so huge an aversion.' Quoth he, 'Hearkening and obedience!Know that we have a festival-called New Year's day,[FN#348] when all the peoplefare forth and take boat and go a-pleasuring on the river. So I went out withmy comrades, and saw a skiff, wherein were ten damsels like moons and amongstthem, the Lady Budur lute in hand. She preluded in eleven modes, then,returning to the first, sang these two couplets,

SECRETS OF A NYMPHO - Rein Entertainment 2022 O...

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