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Descargar Project X Love Potion

After the player's captured by the evil Doctor Eggman, Pili, and Mili, assistants of Dr. Akari work on a secret love potion. While working on this they accidentally use too much of Akari's pheromone. The secret lab rumbles with the chaos Eggman is bringing to the city, and the project accidentally expels this mutated love potion all over the world. Our character now has to save the heroes of the world from these weird results and face the world.

Descargar Project X Love Potion

Pili and Mili, the assistants of Dr. Akari, work on the secret love potion after the player is captured by the evil Doctor Eggman. The team accidentally used too much of Akari's pheromone while working on this. Eggman's secret lab is rumbling with the chaos he's stirring in the city, and a mutated love potion accidentally escapes into the world. Now our character must save the heroes of the world and face the world.

Fixed a bug that let the player use the escape move before the animation ends on Zeena and Futa Zeena. Sonic x project x love potion disaster.rar Full version Direct download Re: Project X: Love Potion Disaster 7.4 Post by Lexi Fri 10:28 pm The only issue i found thus far was audio, moans from sex scenes are non adjustable, and when you turn off all audio in game you get this weird clicking noise during certain inputs. Reduced the input commands of the Witch Doctor (Tiki-Man) to enter on his cottage, now is up, down, right, left, up and attack. Fixed the Incubus dialog boxes that was showing a wrong color palette. The speed of the Ghosts enemies was reduced a bit. Fixed a bug that made Bloob Venus stucked and unable to move when she depletes a player character. Fixed a generalized error that made the game stuck or the player character dissapears after an animation on several enemies. Zeena pool life was reduced from 1000 to 700. 5 extra rings was added in the surfing bonus stage to be more player friendly. Pterodactyls cannot fall in holes or lava anymore. Added a folder in the game with all the Game Over Scenes on High resolution. Improved the memory usage loading the models along the game, loading screens can take a bit more of time, but the game will be more friendly with low memory ram computers. Fixed a bug of cloning characters while they are catched, still the bug can persist in weird or abnormal situations in the rare cases of the player grabbed or attacked at the same time by more than one enemie simultaneously. Added better detailed sprites for the life bar and other minor stuff to improve the graphic appearel of the game. Infinite Health and Energy Cheat makes the game to get stucked if you fall in any hole, forcing you to restart the game, this is an engine problem and cannot be fixed, use it at your own risk. Cheat options are Infinite Credits, Infinite Lives, Infinite Health and Energy. Cheat Mode can be enabled in Main Options Menu. The timer to finish the Stages is now deactivated for all of them. Fixed a bug in the River of Lava Zone that made the game got stuck and unable to finish the Stage. Fixed the combat order of enemies apperance in the River of Lava Zone before the Zeena fight, now is less chaotic. Fixed Abyss exploit that was making him unable to catch the players when they are in the side of the screen. Added a rise attack on Werehog Sonic to prevent spamming hits on him while he wake up from the floor. New Gallery and Boss Gallery Mode is introduced, fixing some errors and gave the cursor more movement speed around the screen. Blaze and Cream animations was added and fixed for the whole Stage 4. Choose from our Project x .- All the animations are done and working until Stage 4.


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