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Can You Solve the Puzzles in 4 Pics 1 Word? Download the Game Now

Each game of 4 Pics 1 Word plays out the same. You're shown 4 images, and you have to guess the word that links them all. It's a puzzle mechanism that's been around for years, but it's stayed popular because it's a goodie!

download four pictures and one word game

Download apk:

To play, each puzzle shows a selection of letters below the pictures in order to help you. When you guess the word right, you'll get virtual coins that will let you erase some of the letters to make guessing easier. The early levels of 4 Pics 1 Word are really easy, but don't get complacent. The later ones are devilishly hard!

The premise behind 4 Pics 1 Word is so basic and simple, that the developers put it right there in the title. You'll be shown four images that appear completely different at a glance, but actually carry an individual similarity or theme that binds them together. What that theme is varies; you could be looking at four pictures that depict sport games, have birds in them, show off a lot of blue colors, and so on.

Furthermore, the detail that will likely make or break your decision to download this game is going to be how much you like Facebook. If you have a Facebook account or were planning on getting one, then there should be no problems. If you don't care for it, then you won't be able to play the game. The Facebook connectivity may be 4 Pics 1 Word's most interesting feature, but it's still unfair to force it upon people who would rather do without it.

Are you searching for more 4 Pics 1 Word? Go Here for more 4 Pics 1 Word Daily Bonus with all Daily Puzzle does not have any connections with mobile games companies or crosswords publishers. We only share clues and tips to help users as an education purpose. If you are having trouble with our content, please contact us. Thanks.CategoriesWord CookiesWord CrossyWord StacksWord TrekAll Games4 Pics 1 Word Daily BonusWordbrain Pizzeria Event Answers 2020 2023 The-Frenemy.Com. All Rights Reserved.

  • WEEK 3, DAY 4: Super Whys Reading DayOn Day 4, Super Whys Reading Day, the activities focus on vocabulary and reading comprehension.Click on the links below to access an overview of the Day 4 activities, the Day 4 materials list, instructions for each activity (including related PDFs), take-home worksheets, and links to the related episode, computer game, and video clips.Day 4 Syllabus The schedule and overview of activities for Week 3, Day 4 (Super Why's Reading Day!)Syllabus (PDF)

  • Day 4 Materials A list of the materials needed for Week 3, Day 4 of camp.Materials (PDF)

  • Introduction to Super Whys Reading Day and Previous Day ReviewCampers talk about Super Why and are introduced to the days activities. They review the camp rules, and the literacy skills that they learned on Days 1 through 3.Name Tags, Letter Cards, -UN Word Family Cards, Images of the Super Readers (PDF)

  • Alpha Pigs Alphabet songDownload - Right Click and Save As Listen:

  • Interactive Viewing: "Around the World Adventure / Transform into Super WhyThe group watches and discusses the episode SUPER WHY and Around the World Adventure, then transforms into Super Why whose Power to Read is the focus of the Day 4 activities. Download or stream the episode using the link below.Super Why Mask (PDF)

  • Around the World Adventure Episode (Download - Right Click and Save As View)

  • Computer Time (Optional): Super Whys Right-On Reader Match UpSuper Whys Right-On Reader Match Up computer game is a group activity. Campers take turns matching up pairs of words that are synonyms. A link to the game can be found below.Instructions (PDF)

  • Super Why's Right-On Reader Match Up online game (Play!)

  • Craft Activity: PostcardsCampers fill in the blanks to complete sentences on printed post cards.Postcard printables, word stickers (PDF)

  • Game: Woofster WordsCampers use given definitions to use to make their own picture dictionaries.Picture dictionary cover, picture dictionary pages (PDF)

  • Woofster Video Clip (Download - Right Click and Save As View)

  • Movement Activity: Super Whys Powerful Props and Finding Super LettersCampers select props and decide which best fills in the blank in a sentence about the Around the World Adventure. They then search for the Super Letters and find the Super Story Answer.Picture of Super Why, Props Pictures, Word labels, Super Letters (PDF)

  • Extended LearningCampers watch a video clip where Super Why shows how changing a phrase can change the meaning of a sentence. They then recreate the game from the episode, changing the meaning of a sentence by substituting words. Download or stream the episode using the link below.Sentence word cards (PDF)

  • Super Why Video Clip (Download - Right Click and Save As View)

  • var configObj = ; configObj.favoritePIDs = "0FI45stC_Bpl2JpRkufu_bw2u2vxFhgU"; configObj.controlLayoutURL = " -GoSquare-AllControls.xml"; configObj.playerSkinURL = ""; configObj.dockReleaseList = "false"; configObj.aspectRatio = "4:3"; configObj.playerPaddingTop = 0; configObj.playerPaddingLeft = 0; configObj.containerWidth = 480; configObj.containerHeight = 410; configObj.releaseCols = 1; configObj.autoPlay = "false"; pbs.kidsgo.producerplayer.init(configObj);Wrap UpDo a quick review activity, inviting campers to read words in a sentence, then change some of those words to change the meaning of the sentence. If you wish, do a one-on-one assessment of each campers ability level. Then sing the Hip Hip Hurray song to celebrate the accomplishments of the day.Instructions (PDF)

  • Continent coloring sheets: Europe and Asia (PDF)

  • Day 4 Assessment Materials (Optional) (PDF)

  • Take-home MaterialsSuper Whys Super Sentence Worksheet: Campers will pick a new word to put in the Super Why sentence and draw a picture to show its meaning.Woofsters Doggie Dictionary: Campers will find new words to put into their own Doggie Dictionary! After writing in the word, campers will draw a picture of what it means.Super Why Worksheets (PDF)

  • All of Day 4Print all the Day 4 materials described in the links above.All Week 3, Day 4 Materials (PDF)

  • Hip Hip Hurray Sing this celebratory song at the end of each camp dayand other times as well! Download - Right Click and Save As Lyrics Listen:

The attraction of this game was that it links together words into some kind of semantic category. We imagined a version in an Aboriginal language that would show pictures, perhaps with an associated spoken prompt, and ask for a response in the language. Our version of the game would have an interface to allow new games to be constructed and shared with others. In this way we allow the community to support the game in their own language and build resources over time. The collection of images and recordings would grow and could be used in many games. The obvious side effect is a collection of recordings of words in the language along with some semantic relations - even if those relations are not well defined.

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We developed this idea in to a full proposal and thought about how different users would work through the gameplay and game construction. The game itself is relatively straightforward and there is an existing game to copy from so most of the thinking went into how new games would be made and the infrastructure we would need to store words and games on the back-end.

Part of the motivation for this game was the collection of language data for possible future linguistic analysis. To facilitate this we need to collect as much useful metadata as possible about the speaker their location and the word or phrase being spoken. Balanced with this is the need to not collect data that might be considered private or to complicate the game creation process too much.

For the next couple of days the developers got together to explore the implementation of the ideas that had been generated. From our perspective, there were some common themes among the ideas that might be able to use common components in their implementation. From my point of view the most interesting of these was the need to store recordings of words and phrases for use in the games. There is a clear analog here to the capabilities of the Alveo system but importantly, the data that backs up these games is not a curated collection that can be shared with researchers - it is raw data collected by the language community that might one day be shared.

Pixel Magic activities are designed as follow-up activities to assign to students after reading the book (books not included in this download). There are 10 questions about the book (all with one word answers due to the nature of this activity). Students will read the question on the Google Sheet and type the answer in the answer column. As correct answers are entered, colored pixels will begin to appear to slowly reveal a picture related to the book. This is a self-checking activity - if the wrong answer is entered students will notice that no colored pixels appear and the answer must be wrong so to try again. Students must spell the answers correctly for the Pixel Magic to work. See how I handle that in classrooms with younger students in this blog post.

By downloading a file, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. Teacher's Clubhouse, Inc. owns and retains the copyright on each file, document, PowerPoint, game, unit, and other material available on its website. Your download entitles you to a license to use the unaltered file for non-commercial, non-profit purposes in one classroom only. If you intend to use the file in multiple classrooms, you must purchase one copy for each classroom. Your license does not authorize you to re-sell or otherwise use Teacher's Clubhouse materials for profit in any way; to alter the file in any way; or to post or distribute Teacher's Clubhouse materials on your website, through email, on message boards, or in printed copy, except that your license authorizes you to distribute printed copies to students in one classroom. Disregarding these terms and conditions is a violation of federal and state copyright laws.


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