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Where To Buy Not My Daughters Jeans

Once you buy NYDJ jeans you'll never look back! They make revolutionary women's denim that feature Lift Tuck Technology which lifts and subtly reshapes your curves. Now you can join the NYDJ cult following - they're exclusively available at Just Jeans. Buy them online now and forever feel amazing in your NYDJ women's denim.

where to buy not my daughters jeans

Length/inside legIn addition to these label sizes, we also offer different lengths. The length of a pair of jeans is indicated by the inside leg. This is the length of the leg, measured from the crotch to the ankle. At NYDJ we offer the following full length styles:

Every woman deserves a great pair of jeans. However, not all bodies are the same. With a wide size-range available for Regular, Petite, Tall and Plus sizes, we try to make it easy to find denim designed for your figure. Learn more about each collection below.

I have had the same problem with all three pairs of my slim cut size 8 jeans. They are puckering just below the pockets and stretched out beyond belief. No help from NYD. They want me to go back to Lord and Taylor where I purchased them. These jeans are too expensive and this quality is unacceptable, but I guess we have no recourse. Jones NY seems to be the best jeans for me. So much better than NYD.

I was told at the Bay in Canada that they only sell them twice a year on Bay Days at $99.00 and there is absolutely no selection- black or blue- thats it. Whats worse you can not go to their nydj .com site and buy on line unless you have a US CREDT CARD. Wow that blew me away. I was NOT having them shipped outside the US but they would NOT accept my Canadian credit card. Said only domestic cards accepted. Cant believe they would ignore a market as big as Canada by such a stupid policy. The Canadian website has zilch for selection and the stores that carry them have no size selection ( especially petites) and of course you pay about 70 bucks more for them here than in the US. The whole marketing is a mess for anyone who does not live in the US. They have a European website and there does not seem to be any problem paying for the goods over there in Euro dollars. Whats with us here in Canada?? So you dont ship outside US, you dont accept Canadian issued credit cards but your European shoppers can have items shipped and you can pay in Euros. The whole thing makes me sick. All wanted was a couple of pair of jeans, spent hours trying to decide and then placed order only to be told NO INTERNATINAL CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED. Come on JYDJ- get with the times..

I don't like the name of the brand either. I first saw these jeans at Nordstrom and as someone that is not a mother I was automatically drawn away from these jeans. They are definitely going after a niche market.

I dont like the name either. I do not have a child, let alone a daughter, but I still want jeans that fit./ Just ebcuase I havent had a baby doent mean I dont need a little lift and tuck at 36+.Thw downside is my local store runs out fast and the manufacturer is SLOW at shipping them new ones here to the east coast. I have been waiting for 4 weeks for an order, in fact. bad.

I think the name is great! I will be a Grandma at Christmastime and am tired of low rise, teenage shaped jeans. I live in Canada so will wait for Nordstrom Rack in the States on my next visit South.Tks. for all the comments though.

The first time I saw the name I LOVED it. I knew the rise would hit my waist and not WAY below. I think some young women today have to have a bikini wax in order not to gross out the public when they wear those extremely low cut jeans. The name was perfect for the mature woman who wants to be stylish but not look ridiculous.

I'd like to hear a review of these jeans after you've worn them for a few weeks. I'm more than willing to dish out the dough on a pair of properly fitting and high quality jeans, but I'm always afraid that the quality isn't as good as the price point would suggest.

So glad you posted this review! I've been wearing these jeans (in black only, for work) for over a year now. I really like them ? They are expensive (for/to me), but they really do last. And they do their job ?

I am so glad you tried them out! I, too, had been thrown off by their name but was curious about the fit. I think the name is sucky because we are not the age of mothers of teenage daughters right now (yes, I am a mother, but I haven't been trying to fit into my 18 month-old's jeans!).I like that they have a higher rise. Maybe when rehab is over I will try them on. I have the opposite prob, curvy booty and need to keep it all tucked in. Basically jeans with built in spanx would be my ideal! Love, A

Every woman deserves a great pair of jeans. However, not all bodies are the same. With a wide size-range available for Regular, Petite, Tall and Plus, we try to make it easy to find denim designed for your figure

At NYDJ, we love jeans and pants, but did you know that our collection offers far more? Naturally, you should always be able to combine a new pair of jeans with a beautiful top. That's why we offer the perfect, high-quality, stylish blouses. But what makes these blouses so popular?

For every woman who has ever sacrificed comfort for style...or style for comfort. For every woman who has ever stood in the harsh light of a dressing room and made a wish. And for every woman who has ever tried on five outfits before leaving the house. For you, we created NYDJ. That's because the right pair of jeans can transform not only how you look - they can change how you feel.

Sarah Byron is the Partnerships Commerce Writer on the Commerce News & Deals team. Her work includes writing online articles about products, new collection launches, and deals for Dotdash Meredith brands. She's always looking for quality products and sales in fashion, home goods, beauty, and more. She's also a millennial mom who's contributed personal stories and parenting pieces to Motherly. Prior to becoming a writer, Sarah worked in live daytime television at The Wendy Williams Show in New York City for over five years. She holds a B.A. in Communications & Social Interaction from SUNY Oswego, where she discovered her passion for media through internships at Elvis Duran & The Morning Show and The Wendy Williams Show.

Hiya LindieIfyou're in Macy's take a look at the "Charter Club" brand of Jeans. they havve different weights,and different styles. (some have stretch,skinny jeans,boot cut,etc). They're actually better quality than NYDJ

Well, I would have recommended Nordstrom until this weekend. Sadly, they have closed their FL Mall location. But as another poster said, there's always Nordstrom Rack, which should have better prices anyway. :-) NYDJ jeans are nice, I have a couple of pair right now, but I really love Kut brand.

In 2003, Lisa Rudes-Sandel decided to make a pair of jeans that made a woman feel good about her body, and end the age-old struggle between the pants we all want to wear, but dread shopping for.

Shopping for clothes is supposed to be fun, but often, the dressing room is where we meet our worst nightmare. Knowing that NYDJ apparel is made to compliment our bodies, trying on clothes turns that nightmare into the dreamy, movie-worthy dressing room sequence it should be.

Great for the warmer months, keep things light with the NYDJ ThighShaper Straight Crop Jeans by pairing them with a detailed, sleeveless blouse. With Lift Tuck and ThighShaper Technology, these jeans feature a slimming strip across the tummy and knit compression in the legs to help reduce chafing between your legs.

Just like how Marilyn Monroe is known for her curves, these jeans help accentuate yours. Hugging your body in all the right places, the legs slightly flare at the bottom, creating a balance and a streamlined shape.

The NYDJ Marilyn Straight Jeans In Plus Size are made with Sure Stretch Denim, allowing them to conform to the shape of your unique figure. And while other stretch-centric jeans loosen and sag over time, these ones keep their shape.

An ideal cool-weather staple, the NYDJ Short Sleeve Crewneck Sweater In Plus Size is made from a soft jersey fabric that pairs well with jeans. Tuck this top into the front of a pair of light wash jeans, slip on some sneaks, and cue the ponytail.

Another LA-based brand like NYDJ, RE/DONE takes a sustainable spin on fashion, choosing recycled materials for its collection of rock-inspired leather, tees, and everyday jeans.

The only negative comments for this brand have to do with personal preference. Overall, customers love this brand and you can tell how much they appreciate finding jeans that not only fit but make them feel good.

Last summer, I gushed about how JAG pull-on jeans had transformed my life. Up until my discovery, I thought the only way to deal with my muffin top was to lose weight. To my delight, was I wrong. I just needed to stop buying clearanced trendy mid-rise jeans and embrace the high rise.

Growing up, I always took my allowance to the thrift store and came home with armloads of secondhand items I would rip, sew and remake into something all my own. I covered a pink jean skirt in patches, hemmed a long calico dress into a beach cover-up and used Sharpies to cover a ripped pair of jeans with Marxist slogans and excerpts of Yeats poems. 041b061a72


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