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Eugene Rybakov
Eugene Rybakov

Sinking Simulator Mac ((INSTALL)) Download

VSTEP LXP is our new web-based platform which acts as a learning passport for the user. As a user, you can create your personal learning profile, through which you can activate your NAUTIS Home license, download the simulation software as well as find the courseware with theoretical explanations behind the training scenarios in NAUTIS Home.

Sinking Simulator Mac Download

Until now, maritime simulation was only accessible with professional, large simulators at training locations or through companies and schools. NAUTIS Home is here to change that! We want to make ship simulation available for everyone.

The gameplay allows you to watch the Titanic slowly sink into the water. Sinking Simulator 2 fully simulates a disaster and allows you to see the entire process of sinking the ship to the bottom of the ocean. Feel the tragedy of this moment. You can adjust the damage to the ship itself and see how different holes affect the destruction of sea transport.


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