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Buy Hanging Baskets LINK

Our selection of 200,000+ hanging baskets is largest spring-summer due to the vast breadth of flowering varieties available. We also grow baskets for Fall and Christmas, plus select varieties for year-round indoor houseplants!

buy hanging baskets

Commercial hanging baskets with heavy gauge steel chains and hanging hooks are a brilliant choice for city, municipality and housing redevelopment projects. Large hanging baskets can also be found on college campuses, along retail storefronts and a range of other commercial exteriors.

The large hanging baskets found in this collection are commercial size hanging baskets made from durable materials like fiberglass and steel. These heavy duty wrought iron hanging baskets are able to stand up to weighty planting loads and climate challenges in exterior applications. Most baskets come with coconut coir liners and optional accessories available for separate purchase like fiberglass liner inserts or watering reservoirs.

City and project planners in need of quality, commercial size hanging baskets will find their answer in this collection from Planters Unlimited. Large hanging baskets found here are made from reliable commercial grade materials like steel and fiberglass. Also, chains and hanging hooks are made from heavy gauge steel to ensure a reliable mount that can stand up to inclement weather and the other challenges of exterior placements.

Available in a range of sizes, each of our heavy duty baskets are outdoor-rated and built for large planting loads. When you envision a pleasing stroll down a bustling parkway, you will no doubt see plant life as a part of the equation. In redevelopment projects for cities, municipalities and townships, flora and fauna can work wonders in increasing a warm and lively community feel. Mount large hanging baskets along street light poles, on the ends of buildings, on park posts and other areas that could use a little extra life or pop of color.

Commercial size hanging baskets come lined with Coco Coir, a natural and permeable material that allows oxygen to access plant root balls and foster healthy growth of plant life. Coconut Coir Liners are compatible with a range of greenery and flowering plants from dangling vines to seasonal blooms.

Fiberglass basket and liner options are also available for large hanging baskets that need to retain moisture at a higher level. Heightened moisture means plant life runs less risk of drying out, and fiberglass containers also make versatile heavy duty baskets that come in a range of custom color options.

Each of the heavy-duty baskets found in this category also come with the option to purchase additional accessories like supplementary inserts (beyond the already included coco coir liners) and reservoir hanging basket watering systems.

Our knowledgeable customer service and project management team are available to assist with additional questions on products. We also offer individual consultation for your unique city planning or commercial design project. Please contact us at 1-800-896-0978 from 7am-5pm PST, M-F, to see what a collection of large hanging baskets can bring to your plans. Or view our Large Planters & Outdoor Planters Selection Guide, for a functional solution to bring your design to life.

Our hanging baskets will NOT be available for purchase online this year. Come on in to our nursery to see our huge selection. To view more examples of what we have in our nursery, use the link below.

Our EXTRA LARGE HANGING BASKETS come in a variety of flower choices and are unbelievable in both size and beauty! We grow our own flowers in our greenhouses starting in Fenbruary so our hanging baskets are huge, healthy and covered in blooms!

Hanging basket annual plants are some of the most popular annuals bought each year. They are loved for their vining qualities, even though most are not actual vining plants. There is no one specific type of plant for a hanging basket, but some look like they were made for these containers. Flowers and stems spill over as the plants grow, making the hanging basket a beautiful spectacle in every garden. Hanging baskets look especially good on front porches or patios, depending on what kind of sunlight reaches those areas of your home.

Always make sure your plant is in a hanging basket with proper drainage holes. Doing so will ensure your plant does not get overwatered when watering them. Plants that are kept outdoors in the warm months, in a container, need a more frequent watering schedule than other plants in your garden. Buy a hanging basket annual as a present for someone you love, or bring one home to spice up your spring and summer outdoor oasis.

We aim to start delivering the baskets during May, depending on the growth of the baskets and weather permitting. Please ensure that you have fixed brackets in place so that we can hang them for you on delivery.

These pre-planted baskets are delivered ready-to-hang for an immediate display. The easiest route to a colouful display of hanging baskets right through to summer. It's as easy as 1-2-3. Open the box, hang up your basket and water. Head over to our hanging basket hub page for more care tips.

Hanging baskets add long-lasting colour, height and interest to patios, doorways and balconies. The best plants for hanging baskets are tender perennials and annuals that have been bred to flower for a long time, providing a splash of colour all summer long.

There are many styles of hanging basket to choose from. Use a lightweight, peat-free potting compost and mix in slow-release fertiliser granules and water-retaining gel, before planting. Plant it up with a mixture of upright and trailing plants, in complementary colours, for a complete, co-ordinated look. Put your hanging basket up in late spring, after all risk of frost has passed, for a long-lasting summer display.

Lobelia erinus is a popular bedding plant for hanging baskets and summer containers. It comes in a range of colours, including white, purple, pink and brilliant shades of blue. Grow in full sun, don't let the compost dry out, and feed regularly. There's no need to deadhead.

Fuchsias are much-loved for their hanging, bell-shaped, bi-coloured flowers that look like colourful, dancing skirts. The flowers last all summer long. Look out for trailing varieties in shades of white, pink, purple or red.

Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea' (creeping Jenny) has small, yellow flowers but is mostly grown for its golden foliage, which trails over the edge of hanging baskets and sets off other, more showy flowering plants. Grow in sun or part shade.

I've been thinking a lot about hanging baskets lately. Hanging baskets are a Mother's Day gift staple and for good reason. They're beautiful, they last longer than cut flowers, and for much of the country the timing is perfect to start gardening. The thing I've been thinking about is that hanging baskets are one of the hardest things to keep looking good all summer. The reason is simple, there's a whole lot of plant material to a relatively small amount of soil. This is true of almost any hanging basket, but is especially true of the huge baskets you buy at garden centers. The small soil volume means the basket will dry out quickly and keeping up with watering can become challenging. It is possible to keep a hanging basket looking good all summer, but it will take constant attention from the gardener.

I love hanging baskets! I have seven of them around my wrap-around porch and each year I try something new in them. What's going in the hanging baskets is often the first decision I make for my garden. In fact, I'm usually thinking about them the summer before I'll be planting them. So what goes into having a great hanging basket all season? It starts with choosing your basket and your plants.

Your first decision will be to decide if you are going to buy an already planted hanging basket or if you are going to plant it yourself. The next step is to consider the size of the hanging basket. I am a big believer that the bigger the planter, the better off you are. Small pots will dry-out faster than larger pots because they have less soil. Watering will be your biggest challenge in maintaining your hanging baskets. Choosing a larger pot now, can make maintaining your basket much easier. I use 14-inch diameter, deep hanging baskets, so I have a reasonably good soil volume to plant material (photo, right.)

Once you decide on pot size, pay attention to the material from which your pot is made. Most hanging baskets are either plastic or coco-fiber/moss. There are a few wood, ceramic, and terra cotta hanging baskets, but they are few and far between. The pros of plastic are they retain moisture well, are inexpensive and are easy to find. The con is they are plastic and you may or may not like the way plastic looks. The pro of coco-fiber/moss baskets is they are decorative. The negatives are they dry-out faster, can be harder to find, and the coco-fiber/moss liner will need to be replaced periodically. You can get around the dry-out factor by lining the basket with plastic prior to planting (this is what I do). Ceramic pots are similar to plastic as far as the pros go and they are decorative. Wood and terra cotta will both dry-out faster than plastic, but not as fast as a coco-fiber/moss basket.

You can make life a lot easier if you choose plants for your baskets that suit your environment. This is true, whether you are buying a pre-planted basket or planting your own. First, decide if your basket will be hanging in sun or shade conditions. Choosing plants that are adapted to the amount of sun your area will get is key to having happy plants. Once you know sun/shade conditions, it is time to start choosing plants for your basket. What traits are most important will vary for each gardener. Some questions to consider are does a plant needs deadheading, is it drought tolerant, does it wilt quickly, is it heat tolerant, does it need a lot of fertilizer, and what color do I want (that's the fun part!)? 041b061a72


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