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Victoria 2 A Heart Of Darkness Torrent [NEW]

lovely work is another conversion mod. its done in the same style as v2n with seven new countries and a few extra named provinces. the most interesting change however comes from the way the game handles the resolution independence of the victoria 2 campaign map. it makes the conversion quite easy.

Victoria 2 A Heart Of Darkness Torrent

a mod which is a pleasant surprise amongst the more usual tweaks, mods and conversions is the victoria 2 chinese civil war mod. the original victoria ii map, as released by paradox, only covered europe, and the rest of the world was quite empty. it was a shame, and it felt like a bit of a missed opportunity. thankfully this mod fills that gap with a surprisingly accurate and detailed depiction of the chinese civil war.

games like victoria ii and the ultima vii campaign map have a small list of nations which are the stars of the show. that leaves plenty of room for community mods and conversions, most of which are free, or at the very least, cheap. only the new victoria 2 mod database costs a couple of bucks to download.

well, thats a wrap on this guide. i hope its been a useful guide to all you modders out there. ive personally been in the market for a victoria ii mod for a while now so i hope this has been of some use. ive done the best i can to make sure its as detailed as possible, but if there are any mistakes or omissions, please let me know and ill correct them as quickly as i can.

the big one: hpms improvements are subtle. the point here is to maintain the fundamentals of victoria ii whilst improving a variety of things under the hood. probably the most noticeable change are the dramatically increased number of decisions available to players. victoria ii, especially at first glance, can begin to feel sparse after so long being spoiled by paradoxs other offerings.


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