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Raise The Titanic Movie 12 [Extra Quality]

In May 1978, Jerry Jameson was picked up as a director, who had been attached to The Golden Gate, which had not been made. Grade said the movie would be his most expensive yet, costing $20 million, but would not feature any major stars, as he commented that "the ship is the star. Anyway the money that would normally go to actors has been spent on our models. They're magnificent". The models cost $5 million.[18] William Frye, who produced Jameson's Airport 77, was hired to produce.[10]

raise the titanic movie 12

It was felt that the real Titanic, if raised from the bottom of the ocean, would come up rather gradually at a gentle angle, before levelling off on the surface. The tank in North Hollywood was too shallow and would launch the model like a rocket ship. It was decided to film in a bigger tank.[14]

A 10-tonne 50 ft (15 m) scale model was also built for the scene where the Titanic is raised to the surface. Costing $7 million, the model initially proved too large for any existing water tank.[21] This problem led to one of the world's first horizon tanks being constructed at the Mediterranean Film Studios near Kalkara, Malta. The 10 million-gallon tank could create the illusion a ship was at sea. The Titanic model was raised more than 50 times until a satisfactory shot was acquired.[citation needed]

Lew Grade later wrote that he "thought the movie was quite good", particularly the actual raising of the Titanic and the scene where Dirk Pitt walks into the wrecked ballroom. He blamed the failure of the film in part on the release of a TV movie on the topic, S.O.S. Titanic (released theatrically through EMI Films, of which Grade's brother, Lord Delfont, was then chairman).[6] Grade was quoted years later as saying "It would have been cheaper to lower the Atlantic."

On the 19th of December back in 1997, a movie came out that changed the world. Exactly 18 years ago, a movie called Titanic came out and basically turned the world on its ear. Directed by James Cameron, and starring Kate Winslet, and Leonardo DiCaprio, the movie showed the world the story about tragic love aboard a doomed ship. Not only did the movie show the world just how talented James Cameron was as a writer and director, but also reminded the world of a tragic ship that was only sailed for four days. The movie shattered every box office record there was, and for 12 years, dominated as the number one movie ever. The world caught Titanic fever, and has had it ever since. However, one question that emerged from watching the Titanic movie was, will the ship herself ever be raised? A much debated subject, many people have put forth suggestions that are both interesting, and unusual. Here are 10 ways that people have come up with for how to raise the Titanic from the bottom of the ocean.

The wreck of the Titanic was not found until 1985 despite numerous attempts to discover it since 1912. The novel Raise the Titanic! was released in 1976, the film in 1980 both before the wreck had been identified. The conditions of the wreck were unknown, as it would be physically impossible to raise any part of the ship, as it lies now. Even though the last survivors off the Titanic claimed to have seen it split, it was agreed that the ship had sank intact. Indeed, even after discovering the wreck which lies in two large parts, research has shown that the Titanic did not break above the surface. Those nearest to it were probably aware of the break beneath the water, but until the wreck was found it was accepted that the ship was intact, hence why somebody thought it was at least theoretically possible that it could have been raised.

Cussler was an Illinois native who was raised in Southern California and lived in Arizona for most of his final years, but he sent Pitt around the globe in plots that ranged from the bold to the incredible. The Treasure features an aspiring Aztec despot who murders an American envoy, the hijacking of a plane carrying the United Nations secretary-general and soldiers from ancient Rome looting the Library of Alexandria. In Iceberg, the presidents of French Guiana and the Dominican Republic are the ones in danger, during a visit to Disneyland. In Sahara, a race across the desert somehow leads to new information about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

Parents need to know that James Cameron's King-of-the-World saga Titanic is one of the highest-grossing movies of all time and is still sure to attract young teen and tween audiences. There's brief nudity (a topless Rose poses for a nude drawing, which is also shown throughout the film) and sexuality (Jack and Rose make love in the backseat of a car), but the forbidden romance between the main characters (played by Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio) is otherwise rather chaste by today's standards. It's the epic Titanic sinking scene that may make this movie too intense for younger kids. Throughout the mass chaos, people fight to save themselves ahead of others, plunge to watery deaths, and, in some cases, even die by suicide. Three incidents of gun violence take place during the sinking, with visuals of blood and depiction of suicide with a gun. On the flip side, characters display compassion and humility. The fact that this movie is based on a historical event may be too intense for sensitive children, but mature kids fascinated with the Titanic will find it compelling to watch.

One of the highest-grossing movies of all time, this enthralling saga achieved commercial and critical success, winning 11 Oscars out of its 14 nominations. The irresistible love story of Titanic stars two of the best actors of their generation; dazzling visual effects involve the most famous ship disaster of all time; a smug, rich villain is so easy to hate that he should be sporting an evil, twirling mustache; James Horner's score soars, coupled with Celine Dion's hokey-but-touching "My Heart Will Go On" theme; and there are fine performances by supporting actors like Kathy Bates as the "Unsinkable" Molly Brown, Frances Fisher as Rose's snobby mother, Bernard Hill (known best as King Theoden in that other epic, Lord of the Rings) as Captain Smith, Victor Garber as the Titanic architect, and, of course, Oscar-nominated Stuart as the narrator, Old Rose.

James Cameron is known for depicting strong, fearless female characters. If you're familiar with his other movies, compare Rose to Ripley (Aliens), Sarah Connor (The Terminator), and Neytiri, Trudy, and Grace (Avatar).

"The tent pole strategy that lies at the core of contemporary studio production meshes perfectly with the rise of entertainment industry news in the past two decades: entertainment journalists are able to report on big-budget tent pole movies in production or in planning stages to generate interest and gossip for a film." (Wyatt and Vlesmas 40)

There have been many plans to try and raise the RMS Titanic, but it is just too fragile. According to a 2016 study by, a recently discovered "extremophile bacteria" could eat away at what is left of the most famous shipwreck and by 2030, the Titanic could disappear. However, for a price, you can visit what's left of the ship with diving tours being offered next year.

Thanks to technological advances in sonar scanning, it wasn't until the 1980's that the dream of finding the wreckage of the Titanic was possible. After the Franco-American expedition headed by oceanographer Robert Ballard, there were a number of other dives to take a look at the wreckage. One of the most famous expeditions was by director of the film Titanic, James Cameron. According to the BBC, Cameron used footage gathered from eleven dives to the wreck in the popular movie. Cameron's action-packed romance became the fifth highest grossing film of all time in Canada and the United States.

It was unknown to the common people before the wreck was discovered in 1985. Many questions were asked about the break-up. "Did the break-up occur in front of the third funnel or behind it?" "Did the bow raise itself up?" Scientists have confirmed that it did happen, and it was caused by the uneven distribution of weight in the Titanic's stern. In the movie, the split happened behind the third funnel. This is unconfirmed in real life.

The ship reached an angle of 45 degrees when her lights went out at 2:18 A.M. She then quickly began her final plunge. After 3 minutes, at 2:20 A.M, the whole ship gently slid into the ocean, with mostly air bubbles causing any sort of dramatic effect, this was shown in all the movies. Despite plenty of survivors seeing that she broke in two, their stories were strangely enough not confirmed as truth in the Enquiries, so it was perceived as sinking intact throughout history untill Robert Ballard found the wrecks of the two sections of Titanic seperated, in 1985.

The final plunge occurs at 2:16AM, the Titanic keeps rising and stress builds up on both keel and the structures above near the 3rd funnel base and the aft grand staircase. Bending and rumbling Noises are heard, at around 2:17AM The ship begins to rise higher, as high as 23 degrees. as it reaches that tension and compression stresses work on the ship bending it further, the expansion joint is still trying to hold the titanic, thus the cracks on the top run around the ship splitting it into sections, the keel pushes the engines up a bit making the ship split into 4 major sections (The Aft Tower, the Forward Tower and the stern and bow sections). As the cracks finally meet the stern slowly settles back into the water, the ship initially breaks just in front of the 3rd funnel.

A team of Canadian researchers brought samples back to their lab, noting bacteria lived on the strange formations. One of those scientists, Henrietta Mann, dug further into the research and discovered a new species of bacteria (Halomonas titanicae); it can survive in deep-sea pressure and darkness. Unfortunately, the bacteria devours the ship's metal to survive. According to several researchers, the Titanic may only endure for about 11 more years.


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